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Frederick Douglass Resources: Books, Ebooks and Other Materials

This guide provides an overview on resources related to Frederick Douglass and his legacy.

Books, Ebooks, and Other Materials



Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass E 449 D749 1995 (Main Collection)

Frederick Douglass: Freedom's Voice E 449 D75 L36 1998 (Main Collection)

The Mind of Frederick Douglass 973.8082 D747m (Main Collection, Dewey) 

A Black Diplomat In Haiti:  The Diplomatic Correspondence Of U.S. Ministier Frederick Douglass from Haiti, 1889-1891  E 449 D732 A33 1977 (Main Collection)

Black Genius and the American Experience E185.86 R88 1999 (Main Collection)

Slave Narratives E 444 S56 2000 (Main Collection)

Young Frederick Douglass E 449 D75 P74 (Main Collection)

Black Response to America 323.1196 F119b (Main Collection, Dewey)

Blacks in The Abolitionist Movement 326.973 B722b (Main Collection, Dewey)

City in African-American Literature PS 169 C57 C58 1995 (Main Collection)

Classic Slave Narrratives E 444 C63 1979 (Main Collection)

Frederick Douglass E 449 Q18 (Main Collection)

Frederick Dougass' Civil War E 449 D75 B55 1989 (Main Collection)

Frederick Douglass:  New Literary and Historical Essays  E 449 D75 F74 1990 (Main Collection)

Frederick Douglass Papers E 449 D733 (Main Collection)

Frederick Douglass Years:  A Cultural History Exhibition E 185.53 W3 A54 1979 (Main Collection)

Jacob Lawrence: The Frederick Douglass and Harriet Tubman Series of 1938-40 ND 237 L29 W48 1991 (Main Collection)

Liberating Sojourn: Frederick Douglass and Transatlantic Reform E 449 D75 L53 1991 (Main Collection)

Moral Choices: Memory, Desire, and Imagination in Nineteenth-Century American Abolition 326.973 W153m (Main Collection, Dewey)

Radicals and Conservatives: and other Essays on the Negro in America E185 M66 1968b (Main Collection)

Talks for the Times E 185.5 C94 1971 (Main Collection)

To Wake the Nations: Race in the Making of American Literature PS 153 N589 1993 (Main Collection)

We Are All Together Now: Frederick Douglass, William Lloyd Garrison, and the Prophetic Tradition JC 585 R74 1995 (Main Collection)

Frederick Douglass and Abraham Lincoln E 449 D15 B41 2001 (Main Collection)

Intimate and Authentic Economies: The American Self-made Man from Douglass to Chaplin PS 169 S843 N57 2003 (Main Collection)

EBOOKS (Users need a valid KU username and password for off-campus viewing)

The Autobiographies/Frederick Douglass

My Bondage and My Freedom

Narative of the LIfe of Frederick Douglass

Afrotopia:  The Roots of African American Popular History

At Emerson's Tomb:  The Politics of Classic American Literature

Frederick Douglass and Abraham Lincoln: A Relationship in Language, Politics, and Memory

Frederick Doulgass: Oratory from Slavery

African-American Orators: A Bio-Critical Sourcebook


African American Encyclopedia E 185 A253 1993 (Reference Area)

African American Culture and History E 185 E54 1996 (Reference Area)

LIBRARY SCIENCE (Children's and Young Adult Titles)

Life and Times of Frederick Douglass:... B Douglass Dou (Library Science Collection)

3 Against Slavery LibSci 920.9326 Sp 34t

Escape From Slavery: the Boyhood of Frederick Douglass in his own words B Dougass McCu (Library Science Collection)

Escape to Freedom: a play about young Frederick Douglass LibSci  812 D296e

Frederick Douglass: Freedom Fighter B Douglass Pat (Library Science Collection)

Frederick Douglass: Slave, Fighter, Freeman B Douglass Bon (Library Science Collection)


African American Who Made a Difference: 15 Plays for the Classroom E 185.96 A354 1996

Great American Speeches E 173 G 7945 1997

Great American Poster Series II E 185.96 F742 1991

Learning About Dedication From the Life of Frederick Douglass LC 311 C493 1996


Frederick Douglass: An American Life (VT 1782)

Frederick Douglass: When the Lion Wrote History (E 444 F72 1994)


Thee addresses on the Relations Subsisting Between the White and the Colored Poeple of the United States ( LAC 40108)

Works of Frederick Douglass (MFL 40108)

Frederick Douglass (LAC 12897)

Frederick Doulgass the Colored Orator (LAC 12853)

Life and Times of Frederick Douglass (LAC 10829)

Race Adjustment: Essays on the Negro in America (LAC 12865)

Talks for the Times (LAC 10481)