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Praxis study guides access:  

Information on how to access the Praxis study guides hosted on the library's e-reserves system

Praxis study guides access

The library has access to the following official ETS Praxis Pennsylvania grades 4-8 Study Guides: science, social science, math, English, and core assessment.  Below is information on how to access these guides.

Access to ETS PRAXIS Ebooks

The ebook that you are requesting is hosted on the library's secure electronic reserves site.

To access the ebook:
1. Go to the library's e-reserve site
2. Type praxis in the search box
3. Click on search result 
4. Enter the passcode. Note: if you do not have the passcode, call the Information Desk at 610-683-4480, you will be asked to verify that you are a KU student or email the library.

If you are a KU student or employee and you can't get into password-protected databases, please contact the library by calling 610-683-4480 or filling out our online contact form. Including any error messages will help us diagnose the problem.