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The Athletic by The New York Times

The library provides access to The Athletic, a subscription-based sports news site from The New York Times that provides in-depth coverage, analysis, and commentary on various sports and teams, with a focus on quality journalism and original reporting.

The Athletic and The New York Times are separate sites. All users will need to activate access and log in separately to these websites. KU users with a current account can use the same New York Times login credentials to activate access their access to The Athletic and for logging in in the future.

To learn how to gain access please look at the options in the two columns to the right. Thank you.

If you need help please fill out the Report Library Database Problem or email Bob Flatley.

Using The Athletic

Once your account is created, access from any web browser, signing in with login and password if requested.

Do not bookmark the create an account link 

To use with a tablet or mobile device, download the app for Apple or Android

For those who DO have a Log In

Logout of any existing The Athletic account

Go to KU's Create Account Link

Click on "Already have an account? Log in"

Click on Continue with The New York Times

Login to your account

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For those who do NOT have a Log In

Logout of any existing The Athletic account

Go to KU's Create Account Link

Create a new account or login to your current account if already registered

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