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A place to encourage discovery, creation, and learning—beyond the conventional—by supplying tools, inspiration, and know-how to spark the making, exploring, failing, sharing, trying-again, teaching and experiencing that make for a rich education.


Looking for a fun place where Big Ideas can come to life? A hub where you can connect with makers and tinkerers and wizards of all stripes? Then you belong with us in STEAMworks, creating your new idea!

STEAMworks, located in RL18 on the Ground Floor of Rohrbach Library, is a big space loaded with tools to help you turn your ideas into reality and to share your brainstorms worldwide, or to learn something new at your own pace. Crucially, STEAMworks is a space where other people do exactly those things. Come in and learn new tools, share ideas, create new solutions to problems. Who knows what will happen when an artist and a physicist, an English major and a computer scientist, an educator and a Business major, all get to work side by sidethe fruits of such collaborations are A-MAZ-ING!

This web guide shows some of the TOOLS available, along with a growing body of instructions to help you get started. There's also information on upcoming WORKSHOPS that give you the opportunity to learn a new skill, or to take your knowledge to the next level.

We want to hear from you.  So give us some FEEDBACK about what you would like to see STEAMworks doing or about tools we should add. It's you who make this place happen!

Design, create, share, have fun!

What's STEAM, again?

What's S.T.E.A.M. ?

Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math

The STEM acronym, applied to high-tech fields of study, has become ever more familiar outside the world of education. Mentioned by name in several State of the Union speeches, STEM drives initiatives aimed at preparing us for what the former President called "jobs of tomorrow." Wise educators and technologists alike have long recognized the importance of art and design to the STEM fields; indeed, to life itself. For us, STEAM suggests energy, heat, motion—and the acronym could just as easily be TEAMS in light of the collaboration and mutual support that Rohrbach Library's makerspace and others like it strive to foster.


Ours is a school with a Computer Science professor who's an electronic musician of international renown, collaborating with faculty in Physics and Fine Arts and even a bagpiping geologist on visual-aural extravaganzas in the's a campus where an entomologist teaches with a cartoonist, an astrophysicist with an art educator. Kutztown is all STEAMed up, and we love it!

Got a group? Plan a visit!

Classes, clubs, & clusters of creatives...

...are always more than welcome here! Groups of five or more need to follow common-sense guidelines to help everyone enjoy a great experience:

  • Let us know well in advance when your group will come. Weeks are better than days are way better than hours.
  • Tell us how many folks to expect. We've got lots of chairs, and we can get more.
  • Tip us off regarding special needs & requests. STEAMworks aims to please!

Even though our room holds dozens of happy people, herding your posse in by surprise can create a situation that makes some of them uncomfortable. Why would you want that? Do check our calendar to see what else might be happening in here. Reach us at or 484-646-4175  


To encourage discovery, creation, and learning—beyond the conventional—by supplying. tools, inspiration, and know-how to spark the making, exploring, failing, sharing,trying-again, teaching and experiencing that make for a rich education.


Rohrbach Library | RL18
Kutztown, Penna., USA
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Tel: 484-646-4175
Bruce Jensen
Miguel Nieves
Zack Bell



Summer Hours: M–F, Noon-4pm
Other times by request!