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Reserves and E-Reserves

About Reserves...

Reserves are supplemental readings and materials that professors assign to their classes. Since multiple people usually need access to one item, the library restricts the length of time you can borrow print materials.  All Reserves, online and print, are managed at the Information Desk at the entrance to the library.

Dawn Boody, Reserves Management,, or 484-646-4177


What is an E-reserve?   There are supplemental library materials that professors suggest you read for class, such as journal articles and chapters of books. You can print these if you choose to.

Where:  Electronic Reserves or "Ereserves" are linked on the library homepage, or by going to

Access:  The courses and articles are password protected. If you need the password, please ask at the Information Commons Desk, call 610-683-4480, or use chat. Do not post the password on public webpages, or printed materials.

Print Reserves

Where: You need to ask for an item from the Reserve Collection at the Information Desk of the library. It is helpful if you know your professor's name, and the course number. You also need your KU ID, or photo ID, to check out the material.

Content:  The library does not automatically purchase textbooks used for courses. Professors will often put a copy of their textbook on reserve for you to use in the library. You can ask at the Information Desk to see if your textbook is on reserve.

Loan Periods:  Most materials are In-Library Use Only.  A professor will sometimes ask for longer loan periods that allow you to take the item with you for Overnight; 3-Days; or 7-Days.