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Faculty Guide to the Rohrbach Library

Current services and contacts at the Rohrbach Library

About Reserves...

The Rohrbach LIbrary provides Print Reserves and E-Reserves. See information about each type of reserve and links to online submission below.

Dawn Boody, Reserves Management,, or 484-646-4177


  • E-Reserves are available at this link: and are password protected. If you need the password, please ask at the Information Commons Desk, call 610-683-4480, or use chat. Do not post the password on public webpages, or printed materials.
  • To submit an item to be included in E-Reserves, drop an item off to be scanned at the main Information Desk, or submit online. If you scan and submit your own material, please include the citation information on the first page.

Print Reserves

  • Print reserves are held at the Information Desk and students can borrow them for in-library use only, overnight; 3-Days; or 7-Days. You can put personal copies on reserve or library-owned books or audiovisual material.
  • Drop off print items (your personal copy or a library book) to be put on reserve at the Information Desk or submit the information online.

You can also directly email Dawn Boody to submit Reserves materials.

Putting items on Reserve and eReserve

Reserves books and articles can be dropped off at the Information Desk at the First Floor entrance to the library.

Link to ereserves site is HERE

For information on policies and procedures, ask:

Dawn Boody, Reserves Technician,, 484-646-4177.


Ereserves and D2L

Ereserve works with  D2L to provide your students with access to the materials they need for your course:

If you would like to post material on D2L, the library will check for copyright, scan the material (if needed), post it to ereserves, and send you the link to post on your D2L page.  

This provides students with 2 places to find course materials: D2L and E-Reserves, which operate independent of one another in the event of upgrades or technical difficulties.

Print Reserves

Reserve Print Collection (Books, Rocks and other non-electronics)

Where: The Reserve Collection is located behind the Information Commons Desk in a staff only area.

Access:  Students must ask for specific material at the Information Commons Desk. All items in the Reserve Collection can be searched through the Library Catalog, where the "Location" for the item will be Reserve Collection.

Content:  There are two parts to the collection: items from the library and items loaned from professor's personal collections. Items include books, maps, samples of student work, sample exams, etc.  The library cannot place sample coursepacks on reserve.

How to:  If you have material you want on reserve, just bring it to the Info Commons Desk. If you have books already in the Library's collections, you can either get the books yourself, or email the call numbers to

Loan Periods:  In-Library Use Only; Overnight; 3-Day; or 7-Day for each item.  You designate the loan period for your course materials.

Turnaround time:  Due to an unfilled position at the library, please temporairly allow five working days for materials to be added to the Reserve Collection.

Electronic Reserves

Electronic Reserve Collection

Where:  Electronic Reserves or "Ereserves" are linked on the library website, or by going to

Access:  Courses and articles must be password protected, due to copyright compliance.  If you need the password, please call 610-683-4480. Do not post the eReserves password on public webpages, or printed handouts.


  • Materials generated by you, the professor, including syllabi, sample exams, answers to homework, etc.  

  • Journal articles and chapters of books as additional readings within the limits of the current copyright laws.

How to: 

  • Email computer files or links for posting to ereserves to 
  • Drop off print materials at the Information Desk, or send through campus mail to:  Dawn Boody, Rohrbach Library

Linking to your D2L site:  If you wish to link ereserve articles to your D2L course page, just let us know and we will send you the link.