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LLT 321: Home

Information to support LLT 321 course

Curriculum Materials

As part of this course, you will visit the Curriculum Materials Center (CMC). CLICK HERE to go to the LibGuide for the CMC.

Navigating this Guide

This guide contains information to help you in your LLT 321 course. If you have any questions about the resources linked here, the CMC, or the children's literature collection, please let me know. You can email me by using the big blue button to the right. 

This guide contains the following pages linked across the top. Click on each tab/page to find out more information about the resource.

  • Annenberg Learner
  • Discovery Education
  • Streaming Videos
  • Teacher Tube 
  • BrainPOP


Subject Guide / Librarian

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Karen Wanamaker
Rohrbach Library Curriculum Materials Center--Room 21