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EDU 500 - Sirrakos: Picking a Topic


Often one of the most challenging part of doing a research paper is choosing a workable topic, one that is not too broad or too narrow and answers a signficant research question. Only you, in consultation with your professor, can determine what works. However, the library has a number of useful resources that will hopefully get you started in this search.

One of the best places to start your search for a topic is browing relevant reference books and monographs. Its likely that if the subject has been covered (no matter how briefly) in a reference book that you will be able to get enough information for your paper, because the topic is of interest to scholars in that field.

Browsing Reference Books:

Gale Virtual Reference Library - includes over 500 reference ebooks including specialized Education titles

Browsing Ebooks:

Ebooks on EBSCOhost - includes over 100,000 full-text ebooks many in Education