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KU Children's Literature Conference

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Book Review Session

The 2019 Children's Literature Conference at Kutztown University

Our book review sessions were held on Saturday, April 13 from 1:00 to 2:00 p.m. in the McFarland Student Union Building.

K-4 Reviews Presented by:     

  • Professor Karen Wanamaker, Associate Professor/Librarian at KU's Rohrbach Library
  • Dr. Angel Bestwick, Assistant Professor in KU's Department of Elementary Education
  • KU M.Ed. students

K-4 Handouts:
Handouts for the following book tasting text sets are available:
at our Google Folder

  • "Think it, Make it, Sell it" by Dr. Angel Bestwick and Prof. Karen Wanamaker

  • "Earth, Wind & Fire" by Ally Sternat, Tiffany Fasig, and Trevor Root

  • "Express Yourself! Visual and Performing Artists" by Taylor Eckley and Catherine T. Nadeau

  • "Farm" by Mieczkowski, Keller, & Savage

  • "How Does Your Garden Grow?" by Amanda Nieves and Caitlyn Walsh

  • "Inventions that are Sure to Excite!" by Stephan Paillard and Sarah Seng

  • "What Makes a Family?" by Cristi Landrigan, Maddie Bachman, and Joey Rivera

  • "Families" by Peterson, Bryant, and Douglas

  • "Quilting Our Way through History" by Jordan Lasco and Brooke Zerphey

  • "We Have the Whole World in Our Classrooms" by A. Smith and S. Adames

  • "Influential Women – Past, Present and Future" by Johanna Bender, Katherine Rohrbach, and Elizabeth Wayman

  • "PA Wildlife" by M. Higgins and C. Zucchero

5 & up Reviews Presented by: Karen Maurer

5 & up Handout: Click below