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Ebook Collections

Ebook collections available through the Rohrbach Library

EBSCO Ebooks

New! You can now read EBSCO ebook content on your Kindle or your phone with the Kindle app. Learn how.


EBSCO is the library's largest ebook partner providing access to over 250,000 ebooks covering a large selection of academic subjects and features e-books from leading publishers and university presses. 

Use Restrictions

  • Titles in this  collection can be accessed by single or multiple use, based on the individual book title - learn how to tell.
  • Most have Digital Right Management (DRM explained) and have restrictions on the # of pages that can be saved or printed per day, often it's about 100 pages per day - learn more 

Viewing, Printing, and Downloading

How do I view an EBSCO ebook?

EBSCO’s online eBook viewer supports reading on computers and mobile devices. The reader is browser-based, so there’s no need to download special software or hardware.

Can I print or save EBSCO eBook pages as a PDF?

Depending on publisher-specified limits, up to 100 pages of an EBSCO eBook can be printed, saved or emailed as a PDF file per user, per day from within the eBook viewer.

  • Some titles may not allow for printing due to individual publisher-specified limits.
  • The number of pages may vary depending on individual publisher-specified limits.
  • If you have reached your printing limit, the option to print or save eBook pages will be temporarily unavailable.


Can I download an EBSCO ebook?

Yes ebooks can be downloaded to your computer or mobile device and read with the free Adobe Digital Editions app.

Note this option requires you to have Adobe Digital Editions installed and have an Adobe account - get complete download instructions here.

Recommendation: "I often tell students to bypass the download option, instead view the ebook in the browser and use the print or save option if you need to output a chapter or certain pages."

Sharing Ebooks

To share an EBSCO ebook or chapter, simply go to the book or chapter you want to share and click on the Permalink option. The Permalink option can be found in one of two places depending on what view you are using. In the ebook viewer the option is on the top toolbar:


If you are in th record view, the permalink option is on the right toolbar: