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Ebook Collections

Ebook collections available through the Rohrbach Library

Mackin Ebook and Audiobook Collections

The Connected Library Consortium was formed by a group of PA and NJ school librarians to leverage the power of consortial purchasing of K-12 ebooks and audiobooks. The consortium puts together a series of collections available for members to purchase every year. The ebooks and audiobooks are purchased through Mackin, a large distributor of K-12 print and electronic books and other educational materials, and are hosted on MackinVIA, the company's digital hosting platform.

Use Restrictions

The consortium purchases a set number of titles of each book for members to access. The total copies range from 3 to 8 copies. When you login to the MackinVIA platform with your KU credentials you will be automatically logged into your own personalized Mackin account (referred to as your Backpack). If all copies are in use you can request a copy and the system will notify you via email when a copy becomes available.

Viewing, Printing, and Downloading

How do I view a Mackin ebook?

You can view the full-text of Mackin ebooks in our browser using the MackinVIA reader by clicking on the Open Now button. Learn more

Can I print or save Mackin ebook pages as a PDF?

No Mackin ebooks pages are in a proprietary format and cannot be saved as a PDF or printed.

Can I download an entire Mackin ebook to my computer or device?

Yes you can download a book for offline viewing or listening. In order to do so, you will need to download and install the MackinVIA app. Details here.

Sharing Content

Mackin does not include a convenient way to share titles however the title information links are permalinks and can be shared. It's a two-step process. First click on the lower case "i" to ring up the title information page:

After that page loads then copy the URL from your browser's address bar. This URL is a permalink that can be shared with others in the KU community.