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Community Patrons at the Kutztown University Library

Internet Access

Windows computer username and password:

  • Community patrons can get the credentials to use KU library computers at the Information Desk.  
  • Passwords change every week.
  • Community patrons are restricted to using only the computers specifically programmed for them on the first floor, near the Information Desk.
  • There is no access to WiFi for Community Patrons while they are in the library

Internet access for minors:  Minors (patrons 17-years of age or younger) are not permitted to use library computers unless they are monitored by a parent or guardian.


Printing for Community Patrons

Printing from library computers:  Printing is available from library computers for community patrons.  It is black & white on 8 1/2" x 11 white paper only.  Color printing is not available to community patrons.

Fees for printing: Ten cents per page.

Pick up your printing at the Information Desk.