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Community Patrons at the Kutztown University Library

Paying Fines and Fees

The KU Library is unable to accept cash.

  • To pay for fines, fees, and printing,  and restore your library privileges,  community patrons must purchase a Paw Pass (a re-loadable gift card) in the KUCard office.

  • The KU Card Office accepts only cash and only in certain denominations for Paw Passes.

  • The Card Office is in the Academic Forum building, Room 107.  It is open Monday through Friday between 8AM - 4:30PM.  

  • After you get the  Paw Pass,  take it to the library's Information Desk .  Use the Paw Pass to pay your fines and fees.

  • Your library privileges are restored as soon as all your outstanding fines and fees are paid.

‚ÄčMore information for the KUCard office is at