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Community Patrons at the Kutztown University Library

Visitor Parking at KU

If you are coming to use the library, please review the regulations for Visitor Parking and how to obtain a parking pass. Public Safety patrols lots regularly and parking tickets start at $30.00

"Campus visitors must secure a hangtag to park on campus. Kutztown University welcomes visitors to campus. However, all guests who wish to park on campus between the hours of 7:00AM - 4:30PM Monday-Friday during the academic year must obtain and display a valid visitor [pass] in any lot other than A1, which is located by McFarland Student Union and filled with metered spaces. Any individual who does not hold student, staff, faculty or emeritus status with the university or is not an employee of a campus vendor is considered a campus visitor"  -- University Police

Campus Map

There is no parking adjacent to the library (Building #7). There are close parking lots next to the Academic Forum building (Lot A6), and the Grim-Knedler planetarium (B1). Both of these lots provide a barrier-free path to the front door of the library.  There is a large parking lot on College Boulevard (A2). This provides access to the library but is also a steep uphill climb with multiple sets of stairs.   

The parking lot numbers referenced are on the campus university map that is linked at the top of this box.