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Faculty Guide to the Rohrbach Library

Current services and contacts at the Rohrbach Library

Subject Librarians

Subject Librarians, also called Library or Librarian liaisons, are the main way librarians connect with departments and programs. Subject librarians keep programs and departments informed about library resources and news, and faculty request to purchase items through their subject librarian.  The list of subject librarians is below.

Subject Librarians

Academic Department Librarian Phone
Anthropology/Sociology Dan Stafford 610-683-4482
Art & Design Dan Stafford 610-683-4482
Art Education Karen Wanamaker 610-683-4709
Biological Sciences Susan Czerny 610-683-4174
Business Administration Dan Stafford 610-683-4482
Cinema, Television and Media Production Sylvia Pham 610-683-4813
Communication Studies Krista Prock 610-683-4173
Computer & Information Science Dan Stafford 610-683-4482
Counselor Education and Student Affairs Sylvia Pham 610-683-4813
Criminal Justice Robert Flatley 610-683-4168
Elementary, Middle Level, Library & Technologies Education  Karen Wanamaker 610-683-4709
English Susan Czerny 610-683-4174
Geography Sylvia Pham 610-683-4813
History Robert Flatley 610-683-4168
Mathematics Michael Weber 610-683-4746
Modern Languages Michael Weber 610-683-4746
Music Michael Weber 610-683-4746
Philosophy & Government Krista Prock 610-683-4173
Physical Sciences Michael Weber 610-683-4746
Psychology Robert Flatley 610-683-4168
Secondary Education Karen Wanamaker 610-683-4709
Social Work Sylvia Pham 610-683-4813
Special Education Karen Wanamaker 610-683-4709
Sport Management & Leadership Studies Dan Stafford 610-683-4482