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Graduate students' guide to library services at KU: Checking-out Materials for Graduate Students

A guide to the Information Commons at the Rohrbach Library for Graduate students

Borrowing guidelines for graduate students

The borrowing period for books for Graduate students: 

  • 120 days with a single 120-day renewal for Main Collection books.  

  • 28 days and one renewal for Leisure Reading Books 

  • 7 days and one renewal for Kits and textbooks from the Curriculum Materials Center. Other CMC books are 120 days. 

  • 7 days and one renewal for Media and Periodicals.

  • 7 days only, no renewals, for cameras, camcorders, and other equipment

Number of items that can be charged out at any time:  75

Books on Interlibrary Library Loan (ILL):  The borrowing period is determined by the library that owns the book.  It is important to return items on time because the book does not belong to KU.  Click here to go to the Interlibrary Loan tabStudents can have up to 15 interlibrary loan books out at once.  Fees for lost Interlibrary Loan books are determined by the library that owned the book.

Overdue Fines: None. If items are not returned thirty days after the Due Date, you receive a notice that your records have been sealed until the items are returned. If your records are sealed, it means you cannot register for classes.

Fees for lost items: Standard fee for the type of item borrowed; no processing fee; borrowing privileges suspended indefinitely when the patron owes fees for lost items. Items that have been declared “Lost” in the circulation system need to be returned to the library and discharged. The items may then be charged out to the patron again if asked.