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Graduate students' guide to library services at KU: Putting your research online

A guide to the Information Commons at the Rohrbach Library for Graduate students

Welcome to the Kutztown University Research Commons

The Kutztown University Research Commons (KURC) is an open-access resource for showcasing Kutztown University's faculty and student research to the world.  

Student Research

There is a place for student research on the KURC:

  1. Dissertations
  2. Theses
  3. Independent Studies
  4. Class projects & research
  5. Exhibitions
  6. Portfolios
  7. Video and audio productions
  8. Honors projects
  9. Capstone projects
  10. Conference presentations

All student research must be sponsored by a member of the faculty who is supervising or instructing the project.

All student research is clearly labeled so that it won't be confused as faculty work.

Students also get a permanent link and a permanent place for their work.



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