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Undergraduate Guide to the Rohrbach Library: Start Your Research HERE!

Undergrad guide to the Library's Public Services.

Popular Databases

Our most popular page is our POPULAR LIBRARY DATABASES page.  

  • Grouped by format: Articles, Ebooks, Film, and Newspapers.
  • This is not a complete list of all the databases, but are our most popular ones.


Google Scholar at KU

Google Scholar is a special search engine in Google that specifically looks for research articles. If you use it from on-campus, then it will give you a link to an article if it's in one of the library databases.

Google Scholar image

Best Databases in Your Discipline

While doing research, it should be easy to find the best databases in your discipline.

All you must do is go to the Databases A-Z page at  (You might want to Bookmark this).

Then, at the top, you will see a drop-down menu called ALL SUBJECTS         All Subjects menu


From that menu, select the subject you need. It will then list the best databases for that subject.



All the Databases

Here is the link to our Databases A-Z page:

  • It's a gateway to all of the library's subscription databases.
  • It includes lists of databases for each major.


WorldCat Searching

WorldCat is a database that has all of the holdings from over 17,000 libraries worldwide. This is the database the library uses when you request something on interlibrary loan.  If you log in from on-campus, it will even tell you if KU already has what you are looking for.

Subscription Finder

Use this link to find out if the library has a subscription to the journal, magazine, or newspaper that you need, and the range of dates that are available.

Subscription Finder

Enter a search term to search this site.