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History Department - Research and Teaching Support: E-Reserves

Library services and support for History Faculty

Electronic Reserves

Electronic Reserve Collection

Where:  Electronic Reserves or "Ereserves" are linked on the library website, or by going directly to

Access:  Courses and articles are password protected.  If you need the password, please call 610-683-4480.  Please do not post the password on webpages, Desire2Learn, or handouts.

Content:  Materials generated by you, the professor, including syllabi, sample exams, answers to homework, etc.   Journal articles and chapters of books as additional readings within the limits of the current copyright laws.

How to:  Print chapters and articles need to be on 8 1/2 x 11 white paper.  The copies can be mailed to, or dropped off at the Main Desk. 

Submitting articles on computer files:   Email computer files or links for posting to ereserves to

Linking to your D2L site:  If you wish to link ereserve articles to your D2L course page, contact Dawn Boody at and she will send you the link.