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Anthropology/Sociology Department - Research and Teaching Support: Books

Highlights services available from the library to support the research and teaching mission of the Department of Anthropology/Sociology

Books and eBooks

The library has access to hundreds of thousands of books and ebooks—indeed, millions via Interlibrary Loan. Note that other libraries' ebooks are not eligible for interlibrary resource sharing.

Commonly Used Sociology Books

Course Author Title Edition Call No. Free Online? Catalog Permalink
SOC 10 Manza, Jeff The Sociology Project 1st HM585.M3456 2013
The Sociology Project
SOC 165 Ewing, Eve Ghosts in the Schoolyard     Yes Ghosts in the Schoolyard
SOC 165 Sernau, Scott Social Inequality in a Global Age 5th HM821.S47 2017  
Social Inequality in a Global Age
SOC 230 Desmond, Matthew Evicted   HD7287.96.U6 D47 2016   Evicted
SOC 230 Chen, Xiangming Introduction to Cities 1st   Yes

Introduction to Cities

SOC 230 Klineberg, Eric Palaces for the People   HC79.C3 K55 2018  
Palaces for the People
SOC 230 Fitzgerald, Joan Emerald Cities     Yes
Emerald Cities
SOC 230 Ghaziani, Amin There Goes the Gayborhood     Yes
There Goes the Gayborhood
SOC 241 Hunter, Marcus Chocolate Cities     Yes
Chocolate Cities
SOC 247 Carolan, Michael Society and the Environment 1st   Yes
Society and the Environment
SOC 247 Frickel, Scott Sites Unseen     Yes
Sites Unseen
SOC 160 Balmer, Andrew The Craft of Writing in Sociology  
HM569.B35 2017
The Craft of Writing in Sociology
SOC 247 Gould, Kenneth Twenty Lessons in Environmental Sociology  
GE195.G68 2015
Twenty Lessons in Environmental Sociology
SOC 310 Marx, Karl Karl Marx: A Reader  
HX39.5.A2 1968
Karl Marx: A Reader
SOC 310 Allen, Kiernan Durkheim: A Critical Introduction     Yes
Durkheim: A Critical Introduction
SOC 310 Weber, Max The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism  
BR115.C3 W413 2009
The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism
SOC 310 Morris, Aldon The Scholar Denied     Yes
The Scholar Denied
SOC 310 Du Bois, WEB The Social Theory of W.E.B. Du Bois     Yes
The social theory of W.E.B. Du Bois
SOC 310 Marx, Karl Communist Manifesto     Yes
Communist Manifesto


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