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CMP 100 - Pytleski: Start here!

Guide to accompany Dr. Pytleski's CMP 100 assignment on researching films and film reviews.

HOW to search for film reviews

The best way to search for films and film reviews in most databases is to use the term "Motion Picture" rather than film.  It is helpful to add the term Motion Picture especially if your film was from a book of the same title, for example: The Lord of the Rings series. So, to search 

When you are searching for films or film reviews, most databases refer to a film as a "Motion Picture,"  or Film.  So it is helpful to include that in your search, especially if you have a title that can be several different things, like "Black Panther", or the movie is based on a book by the same or similar title. like  The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers.

A search for the film Black Panther would be:

"Black  Panther" "Motion Picture"

A search for a film review of the film Nomadland would be:

 Nomadland (Film) Review.

If you are not finding much under one of those terms then try the other.


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