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CMP 100 - Pytleski: Start here!

Guide to accompany Dr. Pytleski's CMP 100 assignment on researching films and film reviews.

HOW to search for film reviews

A great place to start is the OneSearch box on the homepage and the word "review" to the title of the movie.

When you are searching for films or film reviews, most databases refer to a film as a Motion Picture or Film rather than as a Movie.  So it is helpful to include the phrase Motion Picture of the word Film in your search, especially if you have a title that can be several different things, like "Barbie."  Often, films are based on a book by the same or similar title. like Killer of the Flower Moon
A search for the film Barbie could be:
"Barbie" AND Motion Picture
A search for a film review of the film Killer of the Flower Moon could be:
"Killer of the Flower Moon" AND Film Review.
If you are not finding much under one of those terms then try the other.


If your movie has a one-word title, add the film's stars or director to the search to weed out irrelevant results.

Barbie AND Greta Gerwig AND Film Review

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