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CMP 100 - Pytleski: Resources

Guide to accompany Dr. Pytleski's CMP 100 assignment on researching films and film reviews.

Researching Films & Film Reviews - where to start

The library has many resources with information and critical reviews about films and film reviews.
Here are some good places to start:

Often referred to as the EBSCO database, (EBSCO is the name of the distributor), this database is a good source for information about a film, or film reviews.  Actual films are not here.

Like Academic Search Ultimate, a full-text, multidisciplinary database with articles from major journals, magazines, and newspapers on all subjects.

More databases for Film Reviews

The New York Times is famous for it's reviews of motion pictures.  This database covers the time period form 1851 to 2018.

This is the database for research in Communication Studies.  The reviews will be looking at films from that perspective.  There are a large number of reviews in this database.