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ER Roundup - What's new with RL's E-Resources: 2021-22

Annual roundup of changes to library's e-resource collections.

New Resources


Clarivate purchased ProQuest. This will definitely have an impact on our resources and services. Some recent developments:

  • Elsevier pulled all content from PQ ebook central because of a contract issue. This removal includes over 8,000 ebooks.
  • Clarivate owns the license for BioAbs. We currently get this via EBSCO. EBSCO informed me that this is likely to change in the future and be offered through PQ.

OverDrive purchased Kanopy. Not sure what impact this will have. Learned the following:

  • Business to continue "as normal" for both services.
  • OverDrive said that eventually customers will be able to license Kanopy titles via the OverDrive marketplace and they will appear on the OverDrive platform - no timeline provided.

Alexander Street recently migrated our institutional content to the new video platform. I will be working on updating the links in the catalog.


The following resources were not renewed:

  • GVRL Flex-It program (EBA program that provided access to apx 1,000 Gale imprint titles)
  • Lexis Academic Universe (not renewed FY21)