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Newspaper Sources: Campus Site Licenses

Campus Site Licenses Explained

A campus site license provides full-text access to the complete content of a single newspaper source to the entire campus community. The Rohrbach Library currently provides site licenses to three popular newspapers: New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and Washington Post.  Details are below.

New York Times

How to access:

  1. Sign up for access or renew your pass* at the library's special registration link:
  2. Once you create your account simply go to and login using your new credentials.

* - If you are an existing subscriber you need to renew your "NYT Pass" once a year by visiting the library link above, click on "Already have an account?" and login. This will renew your access for another year.

What's Included:

Full text access to articles from 1923 - Current.

Complete details here.

Wall Street Journal

How to access:

  1. Sign up for your access at the library's registration link here:
  2. Once you create your account simply go to and login using your new credentials.

What's included:

Full access back 4 years.

Complete details here.

Washington Post

How to access:

On-campus, the Post can be accessed directly at:

Remote users will need to authenticate through the library link: To ensure access to the paper both on and off campus we recommend using the library link above.

There is no need to create an account and it will not allow you to access articles, you can only access articles by accessing the Post on campus or through the library's authenticated link.

What's Included:

Full access to all content from 2005 - Current.

Need Help?

Please contact Bob Flatley at with questions.