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Undergraduate Students

Lending: Kutztown University Undergraduates

  • Policy Statement: The library provides borrowing privileges to all students of Kutztown University.
  • Rationale: Library borrowing privileges are critical to the mission of the library and the university.
  • Regulations:
    • A patron record for each undergraduate is automatically loaded into the library’s Circulation system. All University undergraduates are issued an official KU ID card at freshman orientation to use as their library card.
    • Students need to present their ID card when borrowing materials.
    • Students are responsible for returning items in the same condition in which they were borrowed. If an item is damaged, the students will be asked to replace the item or pay the appropriate fee.
    • Loan Period: 28 days with one 28-day renewal for books. Curriculum Materials kits and textbooks circulate for 1 week with one 1-week renewal. Media items including DVDs and CDs: One week, with a one-week renewal. Equipment such as laptops, cameras, tripods, calculators: Seven days - no renewals.
    • Holds & Recalls: There is a 'Request' link for each item in the catalog. You will have to sign in with your KU credentials to place a hold. If an item is recalled, you will receive a notice from the library.
    • Maximum Number of Items at one time: 50
    • Overdue Fines: None. If items are not returned thirty days after the due date, a library hold is placed in the student's KU record until the items are returned. If a student has a library hold, they cannot register, receive grades, receive transcripts, or get their diplomas. When all the items are returned the records are released.
    • Fees for lost or damaged items: A standard fee is charged for the type of item borrowed. Borrowing privileges are suspended when a patron owes fees for a lost item. Items that have been declared “Lost” in the circulation system need to be returned to the library. 
    • Interlibrary loan: Students can have up to 10 interlibrary loan books out at once.