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Sales & Solicitation Policy

The Rohrbach Library will provide space in the form of a table for departments, staff and students across campus to convey items of interest to the KU community in accordance with the University Sales & Solicitation Policy which can be located in The Key (STU-031).

  • There will be only one table allowed at any given time. All requests for tables must be approved by the Office of Student Involvement per the University Sales & Solicitation Policy.
  • Individuals interested in hosting a table in the Library will contact Conference Services utilizing the online reservation system found on the KU website with information regarding date, time, and purpose.
  • After determining whether or not space is available for the proposed date, Conference Services will provide an approval.
  • A table provided by the library will be in place at the designated Sales & Solicitation space in the main lobby of the library. The table provided will be the only table allowed for this purpose.
  • All arrangements for food to be handed out to patrons will be the responsibility of the person requesting the table. All sales in which there is an exchange of money need to abide by the On-Campus Sales, Fundraising and Solicitations Policy.
  • Table displays should not block the flow of traffic in the library. In addition, all display items must be kept within the confines of the table without prior approval by the Library Director.
  • It is expected the proper behavior and language will be demonstrated at the display table.
  • At the conclusion of the approved time for hosting a table, the responsible party will clean off the table and dispose of any debris in the vicinity of the table.

Date: December 12, 2018, updated July 14, 2022