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Kutztown University Archives: Campus Buildings

Articles, projects and presentations of the student interns in the KU Archives

The Campus

A guide of the buildings, residence halls, and other notable locations on campus.  

The Buildings

The Academic Forum

The Academic Forum is a two-story, 65,000-square-foot building located on the north side of the Kutztown Campus. It was built in 2007, and it has seven classrooms fitted with the newest audio/visual technology available and ranging from 85 to to 200 seats. It has many chairs and couches placed along the windows so students can relax between classes or have a comfortable place to study. A complete food court is located on the lower floor with a Chick-fil-A, Zoca, and more. The mail services room is also located within the Academic Forum, along with the KU card services, distance education offices, and the classroom technology office. It was opened in 2007 after being built and designed by the firm STV Inc.

Location: Lytle Lane, Kutztown PA 19530

Forum Food Court Open Hours

Beekey Education Center

Beekey Education Center is the main building for Kutztown's College of Education. It was built in 1972, and it cost over a million dollars. It currently houses the departments of elementary education, secondary education, and special education. The Beekey Education Center hosts a comfortable lounge area, large conference rooms, classrooms, and the offices of Student Teaching and the Dean of the College of Education. The building was named in memory of Dr. Cyrus Beekey, a former Kutztown President who served from 1967 to 1969, and was the Dean of Education for several years prior. When construction finished, the building was dedicated to him on October 14, 1972.

Location: College Blvd, Kutztown PA 19530

Phone: 610-683-4000

Boehm Science Center

Boehm Science Center is a four-story building dedicated to KU's Science programs: Geology, Biology, Environmental Sciences, Chemistry, and Physics. (Astronomy is located in the Grim-Knedler building). The original Boehm building was opened in 1962. The building featured a variety of classrooms, laboratories, and research facilities. In 2008, the Boehm Science Center was renovated and added over 70,000 square feet to the building.  A scanning electron microscope laboratory was added in 2019. In 2023, the Nancy Jean Stump Seiger '54 Botanical Research Center and Greenhouse was added. The Boehm Science Center was named after Dr. William G. Boehm, a graduate of the Keystone State Normal School (now Kutztown University), Class of 1921, who in addition to teaching science at Kutztown State Teacher's College, went on to serve as the Superintendent of Public Instruction for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania (now known as the PA Secretary of Education). The Boehm Science Center also has an Ecoplot located northwest of campus off of Sharadin Road; it is maintained as an ecological preserve and study area, a place for students to conduct research on the natural environment. This Ecoplot was named after Dr. Ronald R. Rhein, a professor in the biology department at Kutztown University. The dedication ceremony took place on October 19, 2009.

Location: North Campus Dr, Kutztown PA 19530

Phone: 610-683-4000

de Francesco Building

The initial DeFrancesco Building was built in 1968. The building is named for Dr. Italo Luther deFrancesco, who served as president of Kutztown State College from 1959 to 1967. The original dedication ceremony took place on May 24,1969.  "deFran"  housed the social sciences, foreign languages, history, and political science departments. In 1997-1998, the building was renovated and expanded to house the growing College of Business.  A major renovation and modernization was undertaken from 2021 to 2023. The building officially reopened for Fall semester 2023. Today, the deFrancesco Building is a state-of-the-art facility that houses the university's College of Business. Within the building are new modern classrooms, computer labs, and collaboration spaces.  Offices and classrooms for the Department of Business Administration - (Accounting, Entrepreneurship, Finance, General Business, Human Resource Management, Management, Marketing, Personal Financial Planning and Supply Chain Management), and the Department of Sport Management are now all in this single building.

Location: College Blvd, Kutztown PA 19530

Phone: 610-683-4000

Graduate Center

One of the more unique buildings at Kutztown University, the Graduate Center is located in the center of the campus directly across the street from the Old Main building. The Graduate Center was originally built as the campus library in 1915 at a cost of $110,000. When the school eventually transitioned to a state college, the small library became outdated; it was decided to build a new library. The old library became the Graduate Center in 1968. Today, the Graduate Center houses classrooms, the Geography Department, and the offices of Assessment and the Dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. 

Location: 15221 Kutztown Rd, Kutztown PA 19530

Phone: 610-683-4000

Grim Science Building

The Grim Science Building at Kutztown University was constructed in 1967. It was designed to house the Geography department, a number of Biology classrooms, and the Astronomy and Geology components of the Physical Science Department. Physics was moved from the Boehm building to Grim later. The building was dedicated to Dr. James Stewart Grim, a professor of biology and science. He taught at Kutztown State Teachers College for forty-three years, briefly retired, and then returned to Kutztown due to a vacancy on the teaching staff. Today, the Grim Science Building currently houses KU's Planetarium and the Carlson R. Chambliss Astronomical Observatory, as well as astronomy classes and faculty offices for the Physical Science Department. In 2019, the observatory was named after Carlson R. Chambliss in thanks for his generous support to Kutztown University. The Geography department was moved to the Graduate Center, and the Biology, Geology, and Physics classes are back in the Boehm Science Center. 

Location: North Campus Dr, Kutztown PA 19530

Phone: 610-683-4000

Kemp Building

Today, the Kemp Building houses the university's admissions center and offices. The Admissions Center staff aids potential and transfer students while the counselors help students find their place among KU's programs. The Kemp Building was initially the Special Education Center until some point in the 1990s. The Kemp Building then housed KU's Department of Human Resources, but the department was moved to what is now the Human Resources Center, so the Kemp Building became the home for KU's Admission Center. 

Location: 454 Normal Avenue, Kutztown, PA 19530

Phone: 610-683-1353

Keystone Hall

Keystone Hall is a multi-purpose field house constructed in 1971 at a cost of $2.3 million. It was the nineteenth building completed under a building-development program begun in the 1960s; the purpose of the program was to accommodate a rising student enrollment. Its designer was a Reading-based architectural firm titled Wayne M. High and Sons. The dedication ceremony occurred on May 1, 1971. Today, Keystone Hall is the place where students and visitors can watch basketball games and wrestling, swimming, or volleyball matches. Keystone Hall also houses the department offices of Intercollegiate Athletics, classrooms for the Department of Sport Management, and a six-lane public pool for activities and events. The area is also used to host the annual Decision Makers Forum.

Location: South Campus Dr, Kutztown PA 19530

Keystone Hall Pool Hours

Lytle Hall

Lytle Hall is a multi-purpose classroom building that was constructed and completed in 1977. It was built at a cost of $1.6 million. The building was designed by the architecture firm Shenk and Seibert Architects, Wyomissing, and it was built by Lambert and Intreri, Inc. The building was named after Dr. Clyde F. Lytle, the late head of Kutztown State College's English department and later Dean of Instruction; the dedication ceremony took place on May 7, 1977. Today, Lytle Hall houses the university's Departments of English, History, and Mathematics. It is also the furthest building from the dorms on campus.

Location: Lytle Lane, Kutztown PA 19530

Phone: 610-683-4000

McFarland Student Union

The McFarland Student Union Building (commonly called the MSU) is a central hub for students on the north side of campus. Construction of the building was completed in 1993. The building was dedicated on October 16, 1993; its namesake comes from Dr. David E. McFarland, former President of Kutztown University who served from 1987 to 2002. The designers of the building was the architecture firm Friday Architects/Planners, Inc. Today, MSU serves as a gathering place for students, staff, and faculty. Inside the building are Administrative offices and several rooms available for clubs to meet, host study sessions with friends in, to have guest speakers come in, and a myriad of other opportunities. There is a Starbucks with two floors of comfortable seating areas located in the Bears' Den, and the Cub Cafe where students can get lunch or snacks in between classes. Students can watch free movies in the Alumni Auditorium located downstairs in the building. There is the Nancy Jean Stump Seiger '54 Room (formerly the Multipurpose Room), which hosts a variety of events throughout the year. KU's Esports Arena is also located in MSU in room 157. The most important resource in MSU, however, is the KU Campus Store where students can shop for textbooks, supplies, and more.

Location: College Blvd, Kutztown PA 19530

KU Campus Store


Cub Cafe

Multicultural Center

The Multicultural Center has quite the interesting history in comparison to other buildings on campus. The center was initially constructed as a two-story infirmary building in 1908; later it was an art building and then a student center called the Bear's Den. In 1984, the Bears Den was renovated to become the John B. White House, Kutztown University's newest housing addition; it was designed to house thirty-six students. Renovation costs totaled $130,000. Its namesake came from John B. White, who worked for the university from 1958 to 1980 as an assistant to the president, a dean of men, an athletic director, and a professor of history. The dedication ceremony took place on October 20, 1984. Today, the Multicultural Center houses the office of Multicultural Services, and organizations such as the Black Student Union, the International Students' Organization, and the Student Alliance for Learning Success and Achievement (SALSA). 

Location: South Campus Dr, Kutztown PA 19530

Phone: 610-683-4807 

Multicultural Services

O'Pake Field House

The O'Pake Fieldhouse is connected to Keystone Hall, and it contains the university's indoor track and courts for basketball, tennis, and volleyball. Intramural activities also take place in the building as well as gym classes and varsity athletics practices; Winter and Spring Commencement ceremonies are held here, which means all graduation ceremonies are held in the O'Pake Fieldhouse. The building was initially called the Keystone Fieldhouse, but it was renamed in honor of Michael A. O'Pake, a democratic state senator that represented Kutztown amongst other Berks County areas since 1972 until his death in 2010. The dedication ceremony took place on September 24, 2011. 

Location: Baldy Rd, Kutztown PA 19530

Rickenbach Research and Learning Center

The construction of the Rickenbach Research and Learning Center, or Learning Center in short, was completed in 1969. It was designed by the architecture firm Elwood Schell, A. L. Wiesenberger Associates of Allentown, PA, and it cost $1,650,000 including furnishings. The building's namesake is Mary E. Rickenbach, a 1912 graduate of the Keystone State Normal School; she returned to the school in 1919 to become the Supervisor of the primary grades of Model School before moving up to Dean-Emeritus by 1962. The dedication ceremony took place on May 24, 1969. Today, the Learning Center houses the Departments of Electronic Media, Communication Studies, and Theatre as well as a state-of-the-art television studio and audio and video editing suites.

Location: College Blvd, Kutztown PA 19530

Phone: 610-683-4000

Risley Hall

Risley Hall was Kutztown State College's first and only gymnasium built in 1908 until Keystone Hall was completed in 1971. In 1937, the gym was remodeled; the playing area was enlarged for the basketball court as well as the seating area to house 1,000 people while the indoor track, trapeze, high rings, and permanent apparatus were removed. They also added a new floor and ceiling, and renovated the locker room, swimming pool and office areas. In October of 1972, the Board of Trustees decided to name the newly renovated gymnasium after Walter P. Risley. He served the college as the Assistant Professor of Health and Physical Education and coach of Intercollegiate Athletics for over twenty-five years. The dedication ceremony took place on May 5, 1973. Today, Risley Hall also houses houses a free-weight room that athletes are welcome to use.

Location: South Campus Dr, Kutztown PA 19530

Phone: 610-683-4000

Rohrbach Library

In the early 1900s, the school administration of Keystone State Normal School planned to consolidate the separate libraries held by the Philomathean Literary Society and the Keystone Literary Society. The initial library was built to house 1,000 volumes at the cost of $110,000. Ground was broken on March 17, 1913, and the building was completed in 1915. When the Keystone State Normal School transitioned to a state teacher's college in 1928 and then a comprehensive state college in 1960, the small library was no longer suitable for the college; the decision was made to build a new library while the original library would become the Graduate Center. The groundbreaking ceremony for the new library was held on October 22, 1966. On November 14th, 1968, after construction was completed, classes were canceled and approximately 2,000 students took place in the "book walk" where students transferred the collections from the original library to the new building. It began at 8 AM, and the book walk finished the move 75 minutes before the day's 4 PM deadline. Construction of the new library cost $1,336,000, and it was completed in 1969; the dedication ceremony took place on May 24, 1969. The library is named in honor of Dr. Quincy A.W. Rohrbach, Kutztown's sixth president who served from 1934 to 1959 and led the charge for Kutztown to become a true state college.

In January of 1997, Rohrbach Library was renovated where an addition of 53,205 square feet was added as well as new offices, locations, carpeting, and expanded seating and study areas. This expansion project totaled $8,800,000 and was completed in July of 1998. The dedication ceremony took place September 19, 1998. Today, Rohrbach Library is a popular place for students to gather, relax, and study. The first floor houses the Main and Reference Collections, the reference and circulation desks, and the Writing Center. The second floor has a computer lab, the Vision Enhancement Center, the Periodicals/Interlibrary Loan Office, and the Periodicals Collection which includes resources of many different formats from microfilm to magazines. The ground floor hosts the Curriculum Materials Center, STEAMWorks Makerspace, the Academic Enrichment Office, Center for Student Success and Academic Excellence, and Tutoring Services. In addition to these centers, the Library Science and Instructional Technology Department have its offices on the ground floor.

Location: North Campus Dr, Kutztown PA 19530

Phone: 610-683-4480

Rohrbach Library Hours

Detailed Map of the Rohrbach Library Floors

Schaeffer Auditorium

Schaeffer Auditorium was built by the General State Authority with funds from the Public Works Administration. Construction began in 1938, and it was completed by late May of 1941. It was named after Nathan C. Schaeffer, who was previously a teacher of mathematics and physics and later President of the Keystone State Normal School from 1877 to 1893. Today, the Schaeffer Auditorium is an 800-seat theatre that hosts musical, dance, and theatrical performances. The Performing Artists Series also brings in many outsider performers for students and residents alike to enjoy. Classrooms for music students are found here, in addition to a small secondary theatre. A costume shop is also found here for students to employ as need be. The building was recently renovated in 2012. The additions include modernized classrooms, a loading dock, elevators, and new backstage areas including dressing rooms. A gallery display was added along with a water element in an outdoor connection to the Auditorium and the Sharadin Arts Building.

Location: 15229 Kutztown Rd, Kutztown PA 19530

Schaeffer Auditorium KU Presents! Ticket Information

Sharadin Art Building

The Sharadin Studio of Arts and Crafts was constructed and completed in 1938; the dedication ceremony took place on May 21, 1938. It was named in honor of Henry W. Sharadin, who was the Director of the Art Department and Painting from 1902 to 1916 and 1925 to 1939. The Sharadin Art Studio was renovated and its new fine arts wing opened on April 21, 1971. It cost $1,300,000 to build. It was expanded once more in 2008. The building houses the College of Visual and Performing Arts departments of Art & Design and Art Education along with the Dean of the college of art. Today, the building includes numerous classrooms for students and a gallery which showcases the works of current students in the program. One of the main attractions, however, is the Marlin and Regina Miller Art Gallery, which contains diverse work by faculty members, alumni and noted regional, national and international artists.

Location: North Campus Dr, Kutztown PA 19530

Gallery Hours

South Dining Hall

The South Dining Hall is the largest eating and meeting place on campus. The building was originally constructed in the 1960s, and then renovated in 2000. This is the place where students can grab a meal, either from upstairs in the buffet-style cafeteria or downstairs in the Golden Bear Food Court. The Golden Bear Food Court consists of Sunnysides, Avalanche's, Kafe, and Hearth. Sunnysides is a self-serve pantry, featuring a breakfast nook with cereal, waffle & yogurt bar, as well as salads and sandwiches. Avalanche's is a grill place for breakfast all-day and specialty sandwiches & sides. Kafe provides drip coffee with specialty espresso beverages, desserts, and pastries. Hearth is where you can get toasted subs, personal pizzas and more. 

Location: Court Lane, Kutztown PA 19530

South Dining Hall Hours

Stratton Administration

Construction of the Stratton Administration Building was completed on May 20, 1977. It cost 1.2 million to build, and it consisted of 80 rooms and 40,000 square feet in floor space. The designer was the architecture firm A. L. Wiesenberger Associates of Allentown. The dedication ceremony took place on May 6, 1978. There was another dedication ceremony that took place on July 28, 1989; the building was dedicated and named in honor or Dr. Lawrence M. Stratton, the ninth President of Kutztown University from 1969 to 1987. From its very beginning, this building was planned to house the offices of administration and financial aid. Today, the Stratton Administration Building is home to most of the upper-level administrators. The building houses the offices of the President, Vice President of Administration and Finance, Vice President of Enrollment Management and Student Affairs, Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs, Dean of Students, Dean of Graduate Studies, and Institutional Research. The offices of Financial Aid, Disability Services, Registrar, Student Accounts, and Information Technology and Telephone Services are also located here. Not to forget the Career Development Center too. 

Location: 15238 Kutztown Rd, Kutztown PA 19530

Phone: 610-683-4000

Student Recreation Center

The Student Recreation Center has been open since August of 2006. The purpose of the center is student recreation and fitness. The center includes a 8,800-square-foot fitness center and weight room, two group fitness studios, a synthetic surface gymnasium with curved walls for indoor sports, a synthetic surface half-gymnasium, an indoor rock climbing wall, two racquetball courts, and a suspended indoor three-lane 1/10 mile jogging track. The Student Recreation Center also has locker rooms, the Recreation Services Office, a meeting room, and retail space/snack bar. 

Location: South Campus Dr, Kutztown PA 19530

Phone: 484-646-4200

Student Recreation Center Hours

Wells-Rapp Center for Mallet Percussion Research

The Wells-Rapp Center for Mallet Percussion Research (CMPR) was opened in the spring of 2023. It is a 13,250 square-foot facility located near Schaeffer Auditorium. It has eight separate rooms that house five major collections with rooms dedicated for future display of new collections. The building also has 2,100 square-foot performance space to display the entire collection of vintage instruments. The building houses KU's growing collection of music, photos and artifacts, along with rare and valuable vintage collection of mallet percussion instruments. It is a working facility, open to students as well as researchers, and will allow anyone access to play the instruments. The ribbon-cutting ceremony took place on September 9, 2023, and the center's namesake comes from Dr. Richard Wells and Dr. Will Rapp, professors emeritus, two longtime faculty members in Kutztown University's Department of Music. 

Location: 15205 Rear Kutztown Rd, Kutztown PA 19530

The Wells-Rapp Center Hours and Website

Traditional halls are the most common type of residence hall at Kutztown University. They primarily house first year students. The majority of rooms are double occupancy, which means it is one room with two occupants and a shared community bathroom on the wing. Students living in traditional residence halls are required to purchase a meal plan.

Beck Hall

Beck Hall is a traditional, three-story residence hall that hosts about one hundred and forty students who, outside of Community Assistants (CAs) and other employees, are mainly freshmen; the hall is also co-ed by wing. The first floor contains the Health and Wellness Center, where injured or sick students are treated, and the Counseling Center, which provides access to counseling and therapy. The second and third floors are for traditional resident living. There is one CA per wing (two per floor). Beck Hall includes study rooms, computer lab, recreation room, kitchen, and a TV lounge located on the 3rd floor. The lobby area also contains the front desk and mailboxes for students. The building was originally constructed in 1964, and the dedication ceremony took place in 1965; the hall was named in honor of Bright W. Beck, a 1907 graduate of the Keystone State Normal School. He was chair of the social studies department at KSNS and Kutztown State Teachers College. He later became Dean of Men at the school, retiring in 1951. He passed away in 1970. Beck Hall was later renovated in 2010. 

Location: South Campus Dr, P. O. Box 730, Kutztown PA 19530

Front Desk: 610-683-4982

Health and Wellness Center Hours

Berks Hall

Berks Hall is a traditional residence hall that was built in 1964. It hosts about two hundred and eleven students, co-ed by wing. The hall includes a computer lab, laundry facilities, kitchen, and a recreation room. Berks Hall was renovated in 2015, and the Tri-County rededication ceremony took place on September 18, 2015. Berks forms the "Tri-County" dorms with Lehigh and Schuylkill Halls. 

Location: Lot C1, P.O. Box 730, Kutztown, PA 19530

Front Desk: 610-683-4984

Bonner Hall

Bonner Hall was built and completed in 1975; the dedication ceremony took place on May 3, 1975. The building was named after Ruth E. Bonner, who was a resident of Kutztown that took up teaching for nearly all of her professional life in the area (1949-1965). She became the first recipient of the President's Award for Superior Teaching in 1960 by Kutztown State College. It was originally built as a women's residence hall. Today, Bonner Hall is a four-floor traditional residence hall that hosts about two hundred and ninety-three students, and it is co-ed by wing. Bonner Hall is located near South Dining Hall. There is one Community Assistant or CA per wing (two per floor). The hall includes a courtyard erected in the center of the building, the Housing and Residential Services Leadership Conference Room, the Frederick Douglass Institute Living Learning Community, recreational room, kitchen area, laundry facilities, and study lounges.

Location: Bonner Lane, P.O. Box 730, Kutztown PA 19530

Front Desk: 610-683-4986

Deatrick Hall

Deatrick Hall is six-floor traditional residence hall that houses male students on the lower three floors and female students on the upper three. The building houses about two hundred and eighty five students. It was built in 1967 and then renovated in 2017. Deatrick Hall is the only hall that stays open during school breaks, making it a popular home for athletes. The hall includes faculty meeting spaces, SMART conference rooms, study lounge areas with computers, laundry facilities, recreation room, kitchen, and the ResNet Office. Resnet is where students can bring their technological issues to and have them taken care of. CASA is also found here and is open to students to drop in or make appointments.

Deatrick Hall is named after William Wilberforce Deatrick, who was a professor at the Keystone State Normal School from 1890 to the early 1920s. He taught Pedagogy, higher English, Psychology, and served as the editor and sponsor of the Keystone Literary Society. He was the chair of the English department for a number of years as well. He was the school photographer, creating many of the postcards and pictures from the early 20th century. Some of his works are on display in the Old Main Building, and some are located in the library in the quiet section.

Location: South Campus Dr, Kutztown PA 19530

Front Desk: 610-683-4988

Johnson Hall

Johnson Hall is a four-floor traditional residence hall that hosts about three hundred and twenty seven students, and it is co-ed with males and females separated by floor. It was constructed and completed in 1966. The hall was named after Lillian E. Johnson, an 1886 graduate of the Keystone State Normal School and later as a critic professor and the first Dean of Women; the building's date stone unveiling occurred on Alumni Day which was May 28, 1966. The hall includes study lounges, lounge areas, laundry facilities, computer lab, recreation room, kitchen, and a conference room.

Location: Bonner Lane, P.O. Box 730, Kutztown PA 19530

Front Desk: 610-683-4990

Lehigh Hall

Lehigh Hall is a three-floor traditional residence hall that hosts about two hundred students, and it is co-ed by wing. Lehigh Hall was built in 1964, but it was renovated in 2013. The hall is a part of the "Tri-County" dorms and shares a courtyard with each of them; the Tri-County rededication ceremony took place on September 18, 2015. There is one Community Assistant per wing (two per floor). The hall includes a Faculty Advisement room, study lounges, lounge areas, laundry facilities, kitchen, and a recreation room. The lobby area contains the front desk and mailboxes for students. Lehigh was also recently renovated in order to be more accessible for physically disabled students. Lehigh Hall houses the Kutztown University Visual Arts (KUVA) Living Learning Community.

Location: Lot C1, P.O. Box 730, Kutztown PA 19530

Front Desk: 610-683-4992

Rothermel Hall

Rothermel Hall is a three-floor traditional residence hall that houses about two hundred and ten students, and it is co-ed by wing. The hall was originally built as a male-only residence hall for 200 students.The building was constructed and completed in the 1960s; the dedication ceremony took place on October 13, 1960. It cost $1,157,839 for the building, furniture, and equipment. The building was named after Amos C. Rothermel, Kutztown's fifth president who served from 1899 to 1934. In 2018, the hall was renovated. Today, Rothermel Hall is not only co-ed, but the building includes laundry facilities, computer labs, study rooms, lounge areas, kitchen, recreation room, and a conference room. There is one Community Assistant per wing (two per floor), and there is a lobby with a front desk and mailboxes for students.

Location: South Campus Dr, P.O. Box 730, Kutztown PA 19530

Front Desk: 610-683-4996

Schuylkill Hall

Schuylkill Hall is a three-floor traditional residence hall that houses about two hundred students, and it is co-ed by door. There is one Community Assistant per wing (two per floor). The building was constructed in 1964 as part of the "Tri-County" dorms that opened in the 1960s. The hall was renovated in 2014, and part of the renovations included the addition of elevators; the Tri-County rededication ceremony took place on September 18, 2015. Today, Schuylkill Hall includes a Faculty Advisement Office, study lounges, lounge areas, laundry facilities, recreation room, kitchen, and a music room. Schuylkill Hall also houses the Stonewall Community, 

Location: Lot C1, P.O. Box 730, Kutztown PA 19530

Front Desk: 610-683-4998

Suite-style residence halls have two to four bedrooms and a full bathroom within the suite. Some suites have a common living space. Bedrooms can be single or double occupancy depending on the suite. Students living in suite-style residence halls are required to purchase a meal plan.

Dixon Hall

Dixon Hall is a suite-style residence hall, meaning each suite is either comprised of two single or double occupancy bedrooms and a shared semi-private bathroom. This is the largest residence hall on campus, as it consists of two hundred and forty five suites; the building houses about eight hundred fifty six students. It is a co-ed building, with same gender suites. It was built in 2008. Student athletes usually get first pick at dorms in Dixon Hall. The building is located at the foot of the DMZ, near the South Dining Hall. Dixon Hall includes an outside amphitheater and central courtyard, study lounges, laundry facilities, two 24-hour front desks, and the Dixon Marketplace. The Dixon Marketplace is available as an on campus spot for students to purchase snacks, clothes, tech odds and ends, school supplies, etc. 

Dixon Hall is named after F. Eugene Dixon, Jr., founding chairman of the PA State System of Higher Education Board of Governors. Dixon was very much into athletics, having coached and played many sports in his life, which is why the Athletes are housed primarily in Dixon Hall. Dixon also bought the ionic "LOVE" statue that stands in center city, Philadelphia, and then donated it to the city.

Location: 400 Court Lane, P.O. Box 730, Kutztown PA 19530

Front Desk:

484-646-4301 (North)

484-646-4305 (South)

Dixon Marketplace Hours

University Place

University Place is a suite-style residence hall that houses about three hundred and ninety three students. Each suite includes four bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a shared living room area; the bedrooms can be either single or double occupancy. The building was constructed in the 1990s. The building includes a recreation area with a TV, laundry facilities, kitchen area, conference room, and an interior central courtyard. There is also the University Place Annex, which is a separate building located in the courtyard of University Place. The University Place Annex includes more bedrooms, kitchen, and a common area. 

Location: Bonner Lane, P.O. Box 730, Kutztown PA 19530

Front Desk: 610-683-4980

Apartment-style residence halls have full kitchens, furnished living rooms, and bedrooms within each apartment. Most apartments house four to six people. Bedrooms are single or double occupancy. Most apartments are equipped with a dining table and chairs, a sofa, chairs, and end table; the kitchen comes with a refrigerator, stove, and oven. Every item cannot be removed or placed in storage. Students living in apartment-style residence halls are not required to purchase a meal plan. 

Golden Bear Village South

Golden Bear Village South is an apartment-style residence. It was built in the early 2000s. There are eight apartment buildings that house about one thousand students altogether, and they offer eighty eight Garden Apartments and sixty-seven Mid-Rise Apartments. It is co-ed by each apartment, and each apartment can house four to six students. The apartments consist of single and double occupancy bedrooms. Each apartment includes a living room with a couch, chair, and end table, a dining room with a table and chairs, two bathrooms, and a full-service kitchen with a refrigerator and stove-top oven. They also have a computer/study lab, multipurpose room, and laundry facilities located in buildings 10 and 80. Golden Bear Village South is located south of campus past the South Dining Hall and University Place. First year students cannot live here. 

Location: P.O. Box 730, Kutztown PA 19530

Front Desk: 610-683-4971

Golden Bear Village West

Golden Bear Village West is an apartment-style residence. It was built in the early 2000s. These apartment-style complexes are comprised of 18 six-person townhouses that can house about one hundred and seven students altogether. All apartments contain four single-occupancy bedrooms and one double-occupancy bedroom. The apartments can host two to six students. Each apartment includes a common area with a couch, chair, and end table, a kitchenette with a stove top, microwave, refrigerator, table, and chairs, and two bathrooms. Golden Bear Village West is located on Main Street next to Rothermel Hall. First year students cannot live here. 

Location: 15186 Kutztown Rd, P.O. Box 730, Kutztown PA 19530

Rothermel Hall Front Desk: 610-683-4996

The Old Main Building

The Old Main Building was built in 1866, and the building was officially opened to students on April 1, 1866. The Old Main Building is located at the center of the campus between the north and south sides of campus on Kutztown Road. It is the oldest and most historic building located on campus. It was initially constructed as the only building on campus, so it served as both an academic building with classrooms, an administrative building, and a residence hall for the Keystone State Normal School. As the campus expanded, residents were phased out of Old Main and placed in the newly built residence halls. Today, Old Main houses ten different education departments as well as classrooms. It houses the departments of Anthropology and Sociology, Computer Science and Information Technology, Criminal Justice, Counseling and Student Affairs, Modern Languages, Music, Philosophy and Government, Psychology,  Social Work, and Sport Management and Leadership Studies. The building also houses the Georgian room as well as the offices of Grants and Sponsored Projects, Housing, Dining and Residential Services, Public Safety, Equity and Compliance, Social Equity, and Graduate Admissions. In the lobby of Old Main, there is a small display section known as the Concourse, where students can view artifacts and photographs from the university's past. Every day after noon, students can listen to the school's alma mater play from the clock tower, also called the "Angry Chicken." It is believed that the building is haunted by a friendly ghost named Mary. 

Location: 15220 Kutztown Rd, Kutztown PA 19530

Phone: 610-683-4000

Boxwood House

The Boxwood House is located on Main Street, across from the Old Main Building. The building currently houses the Women's Center and the LGBTQ+ Resource Center.

Location:15205 Kutztown Rd, Kutztown, PA 19530

Phone: 610-683-4000

Women's Center Hours

LGBTQ+ Resource Center Hours

Grim Family Homestead

Formerly known as Maple Manor, the Grim Family Homestead houses offices for the Kutztown University Foundation.

Location: 15195 Kutztown Rd, Kutztown PA 19530

Human Resources Center

The building that houses the Human Resources Center now was originally the home of the Admissions Center. The Admissions Center, however, was moved to the Kemp Building while the Human Resources Center in the Kemp Building was moved to the this building. The Human Resources Center delivers human resources programs and services to aid Kutztown University. 

Location: 15187 Kutztown Rd, Kutztown PA 19530

Phone: 610-683-1353

Human Resources Center Hours

Poplar House

The Poplar House has a unique past. The building was originally constructed in the 1890s, and it was known as the Kutz House or Residence. It was relocated and renovated later with a ceremony taking place on January 1, 1938; the ceremony was the Works Progress Administration Presentation of the Keys of the Kutz Residence. The building was later used as a residence called El Castillo, or the Spanish House, which housed ten female students and immersed them in the Spanish language and culture. Today, the building is called the Poplar House, and it is primarily used for storage. The University is currently planning on turning the Poplar House into a Visitor's Center. 

Location: 15239 Kutztown Rd, Kutztown, PA 19530

President's House

The President's House is the on-campus home to the president of the University, so it currently houses President Kenneth S. Hawkinson. The president also houses special events in this building. The President's House was built in the period of 1928 to 1929, with construction finished January 29, 1929; the total cost was 25,450 dollars. In the period of 2003 to 2004, the building was renovated, and the designer was the architectural firm STV Architects. Renovations included an addition of 288 square feet for the commercial kitchen area and 782 square feet for the multipurpose room. The garage area was also expanded, and upgrades to the electrics and plumbing were included in the renovations too.

Location: 15237 Kutztown Rd, Kutztown PA 19530

Schock Education House

The Schock Education House, also known as the Clarence Schock Education House, contains the offices for University Relations, Marketing, and Communication as well as the office of the Vice President University Relations and Athletics. 

Location: 15193 Kutztown Rd, Kutztown PA 19530

Phone: 610-683-4114

Wiesenberger Alumni Center

The Wiesenberger Alumni Center was originally the residence of Professor Henry Sharadin, pioneer in the development of the art program at the university during the 1920s and 30s, and Dr. Mary L. Erickson, professor of art education and crafts. The building was purchased by the university in the 1980s as part of a three-year, one million dollar "Campaign for Kutztown" effort. The building was renovated and named in honor of Arthur and Isabel Wiesenberger. Wiesenberger's architectural and engineering firm designed several buildings on campus, and Wiesenberger helped to develop the Kutztown University Foundation. The dedication ceremony took place on October 18, 1986 on Homecoming Day. Today, the Wiesenberger Alumni Center houses the Kutztown University Foundation and Alumni Engagement.

Location: 15197 Kutztown Rd, Kutztown PA 19530

Keith Haring Fitness Court

The construction of Keith Haring Fitness Court was completed in 2022; the project was a collaboration between Kutztown University and the Kutztown Community Partnership. The fitness court is part of the Keith Haring Fitness Collection, a limited edition, outdoor, public art collaboration with the Keith Haring Foundation in New York and Outdoor Fitness Court and the National Fitness Campaign. It features a 32'x35' outdoor bodyweight circuit training system with 30 pieces of body-weight fitness elements, including seven full-body circuit training stations and a body-weight training wall. The dedication ceremony took place on October 21st, 2022; it was dedicated to Keith Haring, a legendary artist and activist who was born and raised in Kutztown.

Location: Normal Ave, Kutztown PA 19530

Keystone Courts

The Keystone Courts are designed to be tennis courts. There are seven lightened courts, and they are used for athletic events, as well as academic and public activities. The Keystone Courts are next to the Student Recreation Center and across the street from Keystone Hall.

Location: South Campus Dr, Kutztown PA 19530

Keystone Field

The Keystone Field is where Golden Bear women's soccer and women's lacrosse teams play. The field has a turf surface, bleacher seating, and an official press box. The field is located behind Keystone Hall.

Location: Kutztown, PA 19530

North Campus Field-Baseball

KU's North Campus Baseball Field houses the Golden Bear baseball team. The field includes dugouts, a hitting cage, and bullpens, and many of the features to make watching the Golden Bears a great day at the park.

Location: Lytle Lane, Kutztown PA 19530

North Campus Field-Softball

KU's North Campus Softball Field is the home of the Golden Bear softball team. The field includes dugouts, hitting cages, and an infield tarp.

Location: North Campus Dr, Kutztown PA 19530

University Field at Andre Reed Stadium

The University Field is a 5,600 seat stadium that houses KU's Golden Bear football, field hockey, and outdoor track and field teams. The KU Marching Unit also plays here during halftime shows for football games. The field includes an artificial turf playing field, lights, and press box. The field was home to KU's Golden Bear football since 1936, but the press box was added in 1988 while the current artificial turf was added in 2005. The stadium's namesake comes from Pro Football Hall of Famer Andre Reed '05; he played college football at Kutztown. The dedication ceremony took place on October 18, 2014. The University Field at Andre Reed Stadium is located next to the Keystone Courts and behind the Student Recreation Center.

Location: Kutztown Rd, Kutztown PA 19530.

Alumni Plaza

The Alumni Plaza provides a place of peace for students, facility, alumni, parents, and friends. The Plaza has a waterfall where water falls from a stone wall down steps, a fountain, several benches to sit on, and inscribed bricks along the walkways.

Location: 15219 Kutztown Rd, Kutztown PA 19530

College Hill Memorial Grove

College Hill Memorial Grove, formerly known as Bell Plaza, is an open courtyard located between Old Main and Stratton Administration Building. The courtyard includes seating and the original bell from the Old Main tower. It is dedicated in memory of students, alumni, faculty, and staff who have passed away.


DMZ is the unofficial nickname given to the quad located between residence halls and in front of the South Dining Hall on the south side of campus. The DMZ is basically an empty area with a fountain in the center of it. The DMZ usually hosts large special events including Bearfest. 

Golden Bear Plaza

What used to be where a coal power plant once stood, is now the location of the Golden Bear Plaza. The Golden Bear Plaza is a place where students can hang out. The plaza includes lighted outdoor basketball courts, a grill and barbeque pit, and a bear statue to represent Golden Bear pride.

Marcon Platz Plaza

The Macron Platz Plaza is officially called the Sadie Snyder Hippenstiel & Elizabeth Hippenstiel Marcon Platz. It is the perfect place for students to relax in between classes. The Platz Plaza is located between Schaeffer Auditorium and the Sharadin Arts Building. The Platz Plaza includes a lovely fountain. 

DeLight E. Breidegam Building

The DeLight E. Breidegam Building is the new headquarters of the Pennsylvania German Cultural Heritage Center. Renovations to the building were completed in 2022, and a ribbon cutting ceremony took place on September 29, 2022. The new building's namesake comes from DeLight E. Breidegam Jr., co-founder of East Penn Manufacturing, philanthropist, and enthusiast of Pennsylvania German culture. His son and daughter-in-law were present for the ceremony. Today, the DeLight E. Breidegam Building is not only headquarters of the Pennsylvania German Cultural Heritage Center, but it also houses the Heritage Center's library with their research collection of books, manuscripts, photographs, documents, ephemera, and artifacts. The building is located along Main Street at the west edge of campus. Part of the Pennsylvania German Cultural Heritage Center is the Sharadin farmhouse which was the old headquarters, and the Freyburger Schoolhouse, a one-room schoolhouse originally built in the 1870s and held classes until the 1950s. The schoolhouse's namesake comes from Kutztown alumna Dr. Ruth M. Freyberger.

Location: 15155 Kutztown Rd, Kutztown PA 19530

Phone: 610-683-1589

Pennsylvania German Cultural Heritage Center

Honors Building

The Honors Building is included in the Honors Program at Kutztown University. The building is an optional apartment-style residence for honor students. The Honors Building was built in the 2000s, and it can house about forty six students. Each apartment is furnished and includes two double occupancy bedrooms, a common area with a couch, chair, end table, and forty two inch TV, a kitchen with a stove-top oven, refrigerator, table, and chairs, and one bathroom. The building also a locked laundry facility on the ground floor, a lobby with a computer, and the Honors Program Office and classrooms. The Honors Building is located across the street from the McFarland Student Union Building. 

Location: 181 College Blvd, Kutztown PA 19530

Honors Program