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Kutztown University Archives: Samantha Dunlap, Archives Intern

Articles, projects and presentations of the student interns in the KU Archives

Samantha Dunlap

Samantha was a dual major in History and Library Science (Non-Education). She worked as a student helper in Archives from when she first transferred to Kutztown University in Spring 2022, and transitioned to intern in Fall 2023 to fulfill her internship requirements for her Library Science degree. During her time in Archives, Samantha has worked on a variety of projects as a student assistant and later intern. She:

  • created displays for Archives located in the display cases in the lobby of Old Main
  • reorganized the Rare Book Collection to create more space for shelving books
  • reorganized the filing system and cabinets in the Archives office where Archives keeps its physical materials
  • removed books (weeded) from the Yearbook and Main collections
  • took part in collection development by evaluating new books and determining which ones go into the Main Collection, which ones go into the Rare Book Collection, and which ones could be thrown away
  • mended books
  • helped answer reference questions by locating materials, scanning them, and uploading or sending digital copies
  • evaluated and scanned digital copies of KU's Normal Vidette for Archives's digital collection
  • evaluated and uploaded 1,313 lantern slides, the entire Lantern Slides Collection, to Research Commons
    • created a display on this collection after she finished uploading the last slide
    • the display was located on the second floor of the Rohrbach Library
  • helped create new collections by evaluating materials, putting them away into boxes or filing cabinets, and creating finding aids for them
    • helped create Archives's Zine Collection, the Dinner Party Project Collection, and the Dr. Edmond C. Smith Public History Collection
  • helped organize the Dornish Collection
  • scanned and uploaded files online for the Pennsylvania Counseling Association (PCA)
  • reorganized existing tabs, edited information, and created new tabs for the Archives Libguide
    • edited the Home Tab, the Campus Buildings Tab, the Key Builders Tab, and the Archives Magazine Tab
    • created the Yearbooks Tab, the Archives Displays Tab, the List of Archives Digital Collections Tab, and the Contact Information Tab

Samantha will graduate in December of 2023. She hopes to get into a dual masters degree program for History and Library Science, and work in either a museum, special library, or archival-type setting in her future.