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Kutztown University Archives: Yearbooks

Articles, projects and presentations of the student interns in the KU Archives

The Keystonia Yearbook

Despite the Keystone State Normal School being founded and opened in September of 1866, the first yearbook of the school was not compiled until the class of 1911. From 1911 to 1916, the yearbooks were named the "Class Book," with one deviation where the yearbook for the class of 1917 was called "The 1917 Calliope." From 1918 and on, the yearbooks were called the "Keystonia," and they continued to be named so until the very last yearbook compiled for the class of 2011. If you wish to see our yearbook collection, either check out Research Commons, or come see them in person in the Archives office! 

Research Commons


The Kutztown University Research Commons is the University's open-source institutional repository that showcases our student and faculty research to the world. It also houses many digital files from the Kutztown University Archives including information on the history of the University from its beginnings as the Keystone State Normal School in 1866 to the present. These files include scanned images of the Keystonia Yearbooks.If you wish to explore Research Commons and see our yearbooks or other digital files, you can either click on the highlighted words for Kutztown University Research Commons or the image of Research Commons.

Here is one of the Keystonia Yearbooks that can be viewed on Research Commons! If you wish to see more of the 1957 Yearbook, click on the image below!

Archives Office

The Archives Office is where you can find physical copies of the Keystonia Yearbooks. 

1927 Yearbook