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Kutztown University Archives: Alex Torres, Archives Intern

Articles, projects and presentations of the student interns in the KU Archives

Alex Torres

Alex Torres completed an internship for her major in Professional Writing doing research in the Rare Book Collection, and creating displays to accompany her research.  Alex graduated in May 2023.

My name is Meaghan Xenia Alexandra (Alex) Torres, and during my final semester at Kutztown University, I had the privilege of working at the Rorbach Library in an internship for the KU Archives.  Susan Czerny has given me great opportunities to use both my talents as a writer and artist for various projects that are relevant to my internship. I have written articles about my research on the Rare Book Room and the newly rebuilt deFrancesco building. Adding to it, Susan allowed me to use my creative skills as an artist to set up informal displays of the topics related to my articles. My creative writing and artistic skills were once again used for the plexiglass wall Susan set up on the second floor of the Rorbach Gallery. On that wall is an explosion of color that surrounds photographs and facts centered on KU alumni: Clyde Francis Lytle and Quincy A.W. Rohrbach. Concluding my internship, I’m writing a poem as a tribute to my time and work for the Rare Book Room. In addition, I wrote a proposal for the library staff on how to best work, communicate, and help other students who are neurodivergent like me so those who’ll want to intern or work at the library or simply checking a book or finding information for their homework will be welcomed with tolerance, understanding, and compassion from its staff.