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This guide highlights resources helpful for education majors or those using education-related information and collections.

Books & Kits


Special education majors will find helpful books in the Main Collection, the CMC, and the Library Science Collection. Some of these resources may be research-oriented books (Main Collection), and others will be focused on teaching (CMC) or be children's literature (CMC or Library Science). 

Books in the CMC and Main collections are classified in the Library of Congress Classification Scheme. All call numbers in the CMC will start with "Curric" to indicate that it is an item in the CMC followed by one or two letters then numbers. 

While special education covers all subject areas and will need to use a wide variety of resources, book specific to special education topics not tied to a subect area are usually found in the section where call numbers start with the letters "LC" in the Library of Congress system. Use the online catalog to look up your particular topic (autism, classroom management, interventions, etc.).


The CMC also has a variety of helpful kits that special education majors can use. Some of these are hands-on learning objects that can be used to teach subject content. Others are diagnostic tests that can be reviewed in the CMC. Please know that many of these tests do not circulate for legal reasons.