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This guide highlights resources helpful for education majors or those using education-related information and collections.

Finding Help

At the Rohrbach Library, we love to help! JUST ASK! 

  • My contact information is available at the bottom left column on each page in this guide.
  • You can also contact one of the other librarians or our staff:
  • If you are in the building and need help, you can ask for help at the main desk on the first floor. 
  • Online, you will find an "ASK NOW" pop-out window along the right side of your screen. If someone is monitoring help, you will be able to chat with them to find answers. If not, you will be prompted to ask your question, and it will be emailed to us. We will answer it as soon as we can. 
  • We also have a Research Services page where more help options are explained: