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Kutztown University Sesquicentennial (150th) Anniversary

This LibGuide contains information on the presidents of Kutztown University, the buildings, and other fun facts in celebration of the sesquicentennial in 2016.

Beck Hall

This coed hall hosts about one hundred and forty students who, outside of CA's and other employees, are freshmen. The first floor contains the Health and Wellness Center, which treats any ailing students along with providing access to counseling and non-over the counter medications as need be.

Berks Hall

Two hundred and eleven coed students call Berks their home. It offers its students a computer lab, laundry facilities, a recreation room, and a kitchen.

Berks forms the "Tri-County" dorms with Lehigh and Schuylkill Halls. The "Tri-County" dorms are currently being renovated, with Berks the last on the list.

Bonner Hall

Bonner Hall is named after Ruth E. Bonner, who was a resident of Kutztown that took up teaching for nearly all of her professional life in the area. She became the first recipient of the President's Award for Superior Teaching in 1960 by Kutztown State College. The dormitory was dedicated on May 3rd, 1975. It was originally built as a women's residence hall.

Today this hall is coed and hosts two hundred and ninety three students. A courtyard was erected in the center of the building which is a popular place for programming or relaxing. The Housing and Residential Services Leadership Conference Room, and the Frederick Douglass Institute Living Learning Community are found here.

Deatrick Hall

This six floor hall houses male students on the lower three floors and female students on the upper three. This is the only hall which stays open during school breaks, making it a popular home for athletes. It has a computer lab, laundry facilities, and a recreation room for its residents.

Dixon Hall

Dixon Hall is the newest dormitory building on the campus. It houses eight hundred and fifty six students in two single or double occupancy bedrooms, which share a bathing area. A central courtyard provides a popular location for hanging out with friends, and the Dixon Marketplace and Creamery helps students who need supplies or a sweet treat.

Golden Bear Village South & West

These apartment-style complexes host two to six students per unit and are available to everyone save first-semester freshmen. The South has eight different buildings which offer eighty eight Garden Apartments and sixty seven Mid-Rise Apartments. The West includes eighteen townhouses which provide homes for one hundred and seven students.

(Golden Bear West)

Honors Building

Honors Program Students have a choice of calling the Honors Building their home. The facilities include a fully furnished apartment with a kitchen, bathroom, and common living area split between two double occupancy bedrooms. Students here have access to a private laundry facility. It is across the street from the Student Union Building, making it very convenient to reach classes.

Johnson Hall

Johnson Hall was named after Lillian E. Johnson. Its date stone unveiling occurred on May 28th, 1966 during Alumni Day. Three hundred and twenty seven residents live in this coed building. Students here have access to a recreation room, laundry and kitchen, and a computer lab.

Lehigh Hall

Lehigh is a coed building for two hundred and twenty two students which is divided into two wings for each sex. Lehigh has a recreation room in addition to laundry and kitchen facilities for its students. It's also a part of the "Tri-County" dorms, and shares a courtyard with each of them. Lehigh was recently renovated in order to be more accessible for physically disabled students.

Old Main

Old Main houses one hundred and seventy nine women who live in peace with the ghost of Mary, who is said to wander their residence halls.

Rothermel Hall

Rothermel Hall is named after Amos C. Rothermel. It was dedicated on October 13th, 1960 and cost $1,157,839 for the building, furniture, and equipment. The Hall was built as a male only residence hall for 200 students.

Today this dorm is coed, with a wing for males and a wing for females. Two hundred and ten residents live here. All residents have access to a computer lab, recreational room, a kitchen, and game tables.

Schuylkill Hall

Schuylkill is a unique residence in that it is coed by door on each wing. Two hundred and nine students share a laundry room, a music room, and a recreation room which includes a kitchen. This dorm is a member of the "Tri-County" group and was recently renovated to include elevators.

University Place

University Place is a coed suite-style hall for three hundred and ninety three students. Each suite includes four double occupancy bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a living room area. All suites share the central courtyard and a laundry room, a recreation suite, a conference room, and a kitchen.